“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Elbert Einstein

To support our exceptionally skilled educators, we have developed our own teaching style that combines conventional wisdom and contemporary teaching methodologies. Our educators are among the best in the world. Come meet us!

Ms. Mussarat Noor Bhatti


Junior Section

Ms. Sania Tariq


Pre Section

Faculty Member of BMCI

Mrs. Riffat Satti

Senior Teacher

Junior Section

Faculty Member of BMCI

Mrs. Saeeda Malik

Senior Teacher

Pre Section

Faculty Member of BMCI

Mr. Miraj Muhamamd

Group Subject Teacher (Physics)

M.Sc in Physics, B.Ed, M.Ed

Physics (Head of Department)

  • Ms. Nashaz (M.Phil in Physics)
  • Ms. Anum Nawaz (M.Phil in Physics )

Mrs. Summiya

Group Subject Teacher (Islamiat)

M.A (Isl), B.Ed, One year diploma in Islamic Education from Al Huda, (شھادۃ الثاوہ الخاصہ فی العلوم العربیہ واسلامیہ) Two years diploma, (سند تکمیل دورہ تفسیر قرآ ن کریم)


Islamiyat (Head of Department)

  • Iqra Akram (M.A Islamiat)
Faculty Member of BMCI

Mrs. Shahida Kiyani

Group Subject Teacher (Urdu)

M.A in Urdu

Urdu (Head of Department)

  • Mrs. Abida Ajwad (M.A in Urdu)
  • Mr. Ansar Ali (M.A in Urdu)
  • Mrs. Tehmoona Kazmi ( M.A in Urdu)
  • Ms. Rani Lubna Naz (M.A in Urdu)
  • Ms. Khola (M.A in Urdu)

Hareera Arshad

Group Subject Teacher (English)

M.A English Literature & Linguistic

B.Ed, M.Ed


  • Ms. Adeela Ijaz (M.A in English Literature & Linguistic)
  • Ms. Sadaf Kazmi (M.A in English Literature & Linguistic, M.Ed., B.Ed.)
  • Mr. Akhtar Ayub (M.A in English)
  • Mr. Ahmed Bilal Khalid (M.Phil. in English Linguistics NUML)


Group Subject Teacher (Computer Science)

MS in Software Engineering

BS in Software Engineering

Computer Science (Head of Department)

  • Mrs. Naheeda Shafique (MA, PGD, DAE)
  • Ms. Sumaira Shoukat (MSc )
  • Ms. Madiha Maqbool (BS Software Engineering, MS Software Engineering (Continue), FAST NUCES, Islamabad )

Engr. Syed Tahirul Husnain

Group Subject Teacher (Maths)

M.Phil in Mathematics (NUST), M.Sc in Mathematics (IIUI), B.E in  Computer Engineering (NUST)

Mathematics (Head of Department)

  • Mrs. Zokia Noreen (M.Sc in Mathematics (Preston), B.Ed )
  • Mrs. Zubaida Asif (M.Sc in Mathematics (Preston), B.Ed )
  • Mrs. Ansa Nazir (M.Sc in Statistics (QAU), B.Ed)
  • Mr. Aamar Farooque (BS in Applied Physics (FUUAST))
  • Ms. Haleema Noreen (M.Sc in Statistics (QAU), B.Ed)
  • Ms. Sania Javed (M.Phil in Applied Mathematics (QAU), BS in Mathematics (AU))

Ms. Iqra Akram Khan

Group Subject Teacher (Biology)

Mphil Microbiology from Sarhad Univeristy, B.Ed

Biology (Head of Department)
Coordinator, Senior wing

  •  Miss Fouzia Mubashar (M.Sc Biology From Arid Agricultural University ,M.Ed)
  • Miss Akasha Angbeen (M.Sc Biology From Arid Agricultural University)
Faculty Member of BMCI

Ms. Ghazala Sehar

Group Subject Teacher (Biology)

B.Sc, B.Ed, MS.Ed 

General Science (Head of Department)

  • Mrs. Humaira Waheed (B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed)
  • Ms. Iqra Akram (B.Sc (Botany, Zoology), M.Sc(Microbiology), M.Phil (Microbiology & Immunology), B.Ed, M.Ed)
  • Mrs. Zubaida Asif (B.Sc, M.Sc in Mathematics)
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Muhammad Aslam

Coordinator (Boys Wing)
Subject Teacher (Pakistan Studies)

PhD International Relations Scholar

M.phil. International Relations

MA International Relations

Pakistan Studies (Head of Department)

  • Mrs. Shams un Nisa (M.A in Political Sciences)
  • Ms. Shumaila Mushtaq (M.A in History, B.Ed)
  • Mrs. Anam Zaid (M.Sc in Geography)
Faculty Member of BMCI

Ms. hafiza Sumaira

Group Subject Teacher (Chemistry)

M.Sc in Chemistry, B.Ed

Chemistry (Head of Department)

  • Mrs. Fouzia Musharraf ( M.Sc in Biochemistry)
  • Mr. Waqar Younus (M.Sc in Chemistry, B.Ed)

Ms. Syeda Asma Bukhari


M.Sc in Health & physical Education, Senior Diploma (HPE), Junior Diploma (HPE) 

(DPE) Sports 

  • Ms. Sanam Parveen (PTI Junior Section)
  • Mr. Azhar Riaz(LPTI)
  • Mr. Muhammad Nauman (PTI)

Ms. Saba Ali Kazmi

Sports Head

Mr. mureed Abbas

group Subject Teacher (Physics)

  • MSc Chemistry