Aim and objectives

Bahria College Zafar Campus Islamabad aims at equipping a child adequately with both mental and physical capabilities so that he/she feels ready to take up the challenges and shoulder the responsibilities with confidence, taking pride in religion, culture, heritage and profession. The following aspects of education of child are looked into and catered for as effectively and efficiently as possible:

  • Development of personal qualities like honesty, self-discipline, diligence and perseverance through reward and indoctrination by the teachers.
  • Development of individual qualities like cooperation, tolerance, sociability etc. by proper motivation, guidance both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Development of leadership qualities like initiatives, decision making, confidence by providing opportunities to hold appointments as Class Monitors, Prefects, House Captains, College Captain and other offices in various societies of the College.
  • Detection and elimination of negative aspects of personality like selfishness, violence, cheating and in-discipline by constant observation as well as counseling and through adoption of corrective measures, where necessary.
  • Development of curiosity, creativity and sense of inquiry by pedagogic atmosphere, created through heuristic approach of teaching.